My work around mushrooms started in 2019, amazed by the behavour and nature of fungi.



There was time without us
destructive animals
There will be time for death
collective organisms that grow
at the expense of our flesh
There will be time for life
without our egotism
There will be time without us

This piece was part exhibition Anthropause, part of this year’s Craft Week 2022. It was initiated by Lisa Fält and Tilda Dalunde, and is a collaboration with and between fellow craft artists Fernanda Melgarejo, Minna Rombo Zetterlund, Anna-Klara Samuelsson and Anna Lo Bergmark. The group works in the expanded field of craft with several different techniques and materials such as ceramics, hair, glass, textiles, and tin.

The term anthropause was coined in June 2020, by a group of scientists in the magazine Nature Ecology and Evolution, to describe the in-betweenness in time and space created by the Pandemic. In this exhibition seven craft artists approach this in-betweenness from their own perspectives. What happens with people when they lose their social contexts? How are places affected by the absence of people? What do you do with the extra time you suddenly have on your hands? When the balance shifts – who, or what thrives?


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